Kpop Religions

Danny – Christian
Jinhwan – Christian
Teddy – Athiest

Changmin – Christian (Catholic)
Jinwoon – Christian
Jo Kwon – Christian
Seulong – Atheist

CL – Christian (Catholic)
Bom – Christian
Minzy – Christian (Catholic)
Sandara – None

Chansung – Buddhist
Junho – Christian
Junsu – Buddhist
Nichkhun – Buddhist
Taecyeon – Christian
Wooyoung – Buddhist

After School
Gahee – Christian
Jooyeon – Christian
Jungah – Christian
Lizzy – Christian
Nana- Christian
Raina – Chrisitan
Uee – Christian

Ajoo- Christian

As One
Crystal – Buddhist
Min – Christian

Baby VOX
Eunjin – Buddhist
Heejin – Christian
Kim EZ – Christian

Bae Doona – Christian

Bae Yong Joon – Roman Catholic

Dongwoon – None
Doojoon – Christian
Kikwang – Christian (Catholic)
Yoseob – Christian

Big Bang
Daesung – Christian
Seungri – Christian (Protestant)
Taeyang – Christian

Block B
Kyung – Christian
U-Kwon – Christian

BoA – Catholic

Brown Eyed Girls
JeA – Christian (Catholic)
Miryo – Christian
Narsha – Christian

Chung Lim – Christian (Catholic)

Kim Sungsu – Christian
Lee Jaehoon – Christian
Yuri – Christian

Daniel – Christian
Dari – Christian
Day Day – Christian
Inati – Christian (Catholic)
Jisoo – Christian
Youngwon – None

Haeri – Christian
Minkyung – Christian

deeVine – Christian

E-Bul – Christian

Eru – Christian

Eun Ji Won – Buddhist

Evan – Atheist

Amber – Christian
Luna – Christian

Girls Generation
Hyoyeon – Christian
Jessica – Christian
Sooyoung – Christian
Tiffany – Christian
Yoona – Christian

Park Junhyung – Christian (Catholic)

Gong Hyojin – Christian (Catholic)

Gong Yoo – Christian (Catholic)

Go Soyoung – Christian (Roman Catholic)

Haan Yeah Soul – Christian

Jaewon – Christian
Tony – Christian

Hwangbo – Christian

Jadu – Christian

Jang Nara – Christian

Jang Woohyuk – Buddhist

Jay Park – Christian

Jeon Ji Hyun – Buddhist

Jin Goo – Christian (Catholic)

Jisun – Christian

Jo In Sung – Christian

Kan Miyoun – Atheist

Kangta – Atheist

Kim Haneul – Christian (Roman Catholic)

Kim Hyojin – Christian

Kim Jinpyo – Christian

Kim Jong Kook – Buddhist

Kim Jungeun – Christian

Kim Junghwa – Christian

Kim Minjong – Buddhist

Kim Taehee – Christian (Roman Catholic)

Kim Tae Woo – Buddhist

Kwon Sangdoo – Christian (Catholic)

Lee Byunghun – Buddhist

Lee Dahae – Christian

Lee Dong Gun – Christian (Catholic)

Lee Hyori – Christian

Lee Jihoon – Christian

Lee Jihye – Christian

Lee Jung – Christian

Lee Junghyun – Atheist

Lee Jungjin – None

Lee Seungchul – Christian

Lee Sungjin – Christian

Lee Yuri – Christian

Lena Park – Christian

Lim Jeonghee – Christian (Protestant)

Joon – Christian
Mir – Buddhist
Thunder – Atheist

Miss A
Min – Christian

Miss $
Hyeyoung – Christian
Yumi – Christian

Moon Geun Young – Buddhist

Moon Heejun – Buddhist

Choi Seongwook – Atheist
Joo Jonghyuk – Christian
Lee Soo In – Christian
Yang Seungho – Atheist

Park Jaeyoung – Christian (Catholic)

Park Kiwoong – Christian

Park Shinhye – Christian

Joy – Christian

Ryu Seungbum – Christian

SE7EN – Christian

Seo Youngeun – Christian (Catholic)

Jonghyun – Atheist
Key – Christian
Minho – Christian
Onew – Christian
Taemin – Christian (Catholic)

Andy – Christian
Dongwan – Christian
Eric – Christian
Hyesung – Christian
Junjin – Christian
Minwoo – Christian

Cheonwoo – Christian (Catholic)
Hanbang – None
Hero – Buddhist
Jerry – Christian
Naru – Christian
World – Christian

Son Dambi – Christian

Hyungjoong – Christian (Catholic)
Jungmin – Athiest
Kyujong – Christian
Youngsaeng – Christian

Sung Yuri – Christian

Super Junior
Donghae – Christian
Eunhyuk – Christian
Han Geng – Atheist
Heechul – Atheist
Kangin – Christian
Kibum – Christian
Kyuhyun – Christian
Leeteuk – Christian
Ryeowook – Christian (Catholic)
Shindong – Christian
Siwon – Christian (Protestant)
Sungmin – Christian
Yesung – Christian (Catholic)

Boram – Buddhist
Eunjung – Christian
Jiyeon – Buddhist
Soyeon – Christian

T/Tasha – Christian

Gwanhee – Christian
Sangjun – Christian
Sihyeon – Christian
Youngmin – Christian

The Nuts
Ji Hyunwoo – Buddhist
Kim Hyunjoong – Christian (Catholic)
Park Junshik – None

Changmin – Buddhist
Jaejoong – Christian
Junsu – Christian (Seventh-Day Adventist)
Yunho – Christian
Yoochun – Christian

AJ – Buddhist
Dongho – Christian
Eli – Christian
Kevin – Christian
Kiseop – Buddhist
Soohyun – None

Uhm Jung Hwa – Buddhist

Choi Jeongwon – Christian
Kim Jeonghoon – Christian

Kim Kyung Rok – Buddhist

Wonder Girls
Sohee – Buddhist
Sunye – Christian
Ye eun – Christian
Yoobin – Christian

Yoon Eunhye – Christian

Yoon Soi – Buddhist

Yuriel – Christian

Dongjong – Buddhist
Heechul – Christian
Junyoung – Christian
Kevin – Christian
Kwanghee – Christian

credit to kpoplist.tumblr.com


14 comments on “Kpop Religions

  1. Lee kikwang isn’t catholic, he’s just christian..

  2. I cant find Han Ji Hye….little help pls…
    i dont know if shes a Catholic or a christian….and what about ha ji won? or Kim jae Won? or Hyun Bin?

  3. ha jiwon is catholic now and hyun bin is christian.

  4. suppose, one of them there is religion islam

  5. Seungho MBLAQ is a Buddhist and G.O is an Atheist. I don’t think Thunder is an Atheist. I don’t know,

  6. why? have a korea atheist.

  7. Lee Hyun Jae from Eden???

  8. Catholics are Christians…
    It’s a shame that so many Korean idols are so naive and dumb to believe in religion. It disgusts me and bereave their attractivity… I can only say “Thank you” to those dedicated atheists like some guys and as I heard to Taeyeon, if rumors are true. My bias Soyou and Hyomin did not reveal their religion (hope they will never do!), but they played with Christian ideology in their MVs, which made me very disappointed first.
    Did you know that Christian madness took more lifes than Nazi Germany did? I can’t understand why people still defend this kind of tyranny. They teach you to shut your mouth and follow blindly like sheep, don’t ask any questions and love people who would never care about you. Work yourself to death, because heaven awaits you… They USE you. Wake up, people! Religion is not something “cool” or funny.

  9. What is a none and a Buddhist

  10. Hello 🙂
    I’m from Hungary and my English it not very well sorry. I would like to ask a question:What is So Ji Sub’s(Master’s sun) religion? I’m Catholic,and I’m hope So Ji Sub Catholic too. :))

  11. can i know what religions is lee jong jyuk is?

  12. cant believable so many are christians. maybe because its very hip to sing and praise songs

    hope to see more buddhists. it can really help them to calm their mind during busy times. its all abt checking the heart /. mind. to be mindful of things n dont let it affect emotions too much too.

  13. Jungmin from SS501 is Christian.. Also, I heard Jonghyun from SHINee is a Christian, but i’m not sure… he did release a spiritual song, “Hallelujah” He thanked God in it, I don’t believe an atheist would do that.

  14. am relly happy to hear that unni park shin hye is a christian

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