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Chatroom with 4D Prince Hyun Joong

Q : Are you happy with your life and career now?
Hyun Joong : Yup, 100% happy.
Q : What film did you watch these lately?
Hyun Joong : , I love this film because it’s about politic.
Q : How you release your tension when you angry?
Hyun Joong : When I’m stressed or angry, I will find the source and solve it with communications.
Q : Which restaurant shoul fans go when visiting Korea?
Hyun Joong : I think fans should try Sam Seon Bo ggeum bab .
Q : Can you describe yourselves?
Hyun Joong : I am a person who enjoying life, chances and work.
Q : How your feeling when being called “4D Prince”?
Hyun Joong : I don’t care when anyone called me “4D Prince” because everyone has different life and favourite. i don’t feel angry nor happy either with this title because I don’t care.
Q : What first thing you do when wake up in the morning?
Hyun Joong : Look at the clock at the handphone.
Q : Which aspect do you have to improve more?
Hyun Joong : Acting, singing and dancing.
Q : If your wish are being granted, what is your wish?
Hyun Joong : I wish my wish becomes 100 wishes..
Q : What aspect you are really good in?
Hyun Joong : Acting and singing.

(extract from magazine)

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