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[VIDEO] Yoseob’s cut on Immortal Song (So Funny!! Must Watch!!)


YS: I keep on messing up the lyrics!
DW: “Although I said I dislike it~”
YS: Um, it’s “Although YOU said”!
YS: It’s “Although YOU said” not “Although I said”
HS: “You loved me once~”
YS: It’s “You liked me once” not “You loved me once”!
: “If you cry~”

[ 0:17 ]
JH: You can’t change the lyrics around a bit though?
YS: I can’t…
DJ: Don’t try to give him bad tips, okay?
JH: Then you can’t change the name “Hee-ah” to your girlfriend’s name I guess… Right?
YS: That’s right, I can’t… (A-HA, so this is the infamous moment that started everything ㅠㅠㅠ)
: I want to do that too, but I can’t!
JH: Your girlfriend will be sad then!
YS: Yeah, my girlfriend was pretty sad…
YS: Hold on, what are you trying to start here?!
YS: I lost last time too… To Hyorin!
JH: Hyorin!
JH & DW: Hyorin!
JH, DW & HS: Hyorin!

[ 0:37 ]
HR: “Hee-ah, please look at me just once~”
YS: *deep breaths*


source : b2utiesloveb2st @ tumblr
via : hyunseungmyvip

hahaha, hyunseung “GEURAEEEEEE” bikin ngakak parah~~~


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