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G.NA walks her first runway for Lie Sang Bong

On March 31st, singer G.NA showed off her gorgeous looks by walking her first runway for designer Lie Sang Bong’s 2011/12 F/W collection.

Held at SETEC for Seoul Fashion Week, the “Lie Sang Bong Fashion Show” was done under the theme of ‘natural beauty’, and it features a mix of both modern and Asian influences.

When asked why she chose G.NA, the designer replied, “I love her image, and I felt a sort of innocent passion from her. I want to be able to show the air of mystery she has inside of her sexy image.”

G.NA commented on the experience, “I’ve always had an interest in fashion so I’ve tried to keep myself informed about collections. This experience has left quite the impression on me, and I’m glad I was able to walk for such a prestigious designer’s fashion show.”

Source: Medical News Today via Nate
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cr : allkpop


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