Jae Joong punya tato baru

Ahahay lucu ya posenya oppa nungging gitu xD
Oh ya, tulisannya “Mickey-Junsu”

cre: kodakloverzindo.wordpress.com


About azuhra

Hi... :) I'm just a little girl in a big world. I'm Indonesian. Nice to meet you all. I heart you all. Oh, i forget it, i'm moslem. and i'm not a terorist!!! there's no moslem is terorist. terorists aren't moslem. ^^

4 comments on “Jae Joong punya tato baru

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by jesslin jaya and I love K-Pop, Korean Loverz Indo. Korean Loverz Indo said: Jae Joong punya tato baru http://goo.gl/fb/OWK7T […]

  2. Tulisan tattonya jaepa itu apa sih ,, ?!
    n artinya apa ,, ?!

  3. wah punggu oppa sexy sekali?

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