[NEWS] The end of the generation of golden idols, 130310

These days without advertistments or variety shows, it is difficult for idols to maintain the support of the general wide public.

Therefore within the fandom idols, they are ‘idols’ but in front of the public they become ‘idols’ who play well. Super Junior received the Golden Disk Daesang, but members Leeteuk and Eunhyuk received the SBS ‘s Rookie award. Within fandom they are daesang’s admirers, but in front of public they must become entertainers who can do anything. Even people in the fandom know that though they might reach No.1 on music charts through their new single, in the industry, it will not make them well respected top stars. When Nickhun was dating an ordinary woman on MNET, 2PM’s fans wrote “That’s my man’s business*”, and some fans of Super Junior said, “It’s hubby’s outside activity*” about member’s individual activities. With the decline of commercial influence from the fandom, they can’t completely have their idol group anymore. As their idols knock on drama and entertainment’s door*, and do more performances overseas than in their country, they will have to watch over their “business*”.

* that it’s just work and nothing else
* refers to these 2 sentences

source : 10asiae and sj-market
translated by superlover♫@sj-world.net
thanks Jihee@sj-world.net for fixing it ^O^
reup by kibumheechul@forsujuindo
may take out with full credit and no adding your own credit


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4 comments on “[NEWS] The end of the generation of golden idols, 130310

  1. berat bgt jd idol dikorea!hrs trus eksis g cm dibidang nyanyi tp yg lain jg biar brtahan!ad brapa jam ya dlm shari idol hidup dgn privasi mereka tanpa embel2 idol?

  2. iya tp dikorea serem jg!ud trlalu sibuk jdwl show..jarang ktm kluarga..khidupan pribadi trbats..lum lg menghadapi antis ma fans yg klewat fanatik!enak jd penyanyi di indonesia..tingl nyanyi lipsync langsung dpt honor!he..

    • ahaha..ia bnr jg sih….kyanya di Indo ga ada yah AF yg sampe kelewat batas sm idolanya..pling yg fans bgt mlh sampe cakar”,tp itu mgkn krn saking nge fans nya mrka sm idola mrka itu..;) emang susah di korea jd artis,pelajar mu kuliah jg katanya sk pd stres klo ga pinter..

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