Goo Hye Sun Update Cyworldnya Lagi

Wah…GHS unnie akhirnya update Cyworldnya lagi, tepatnya hari ini tanggal 7 Feb 10 jam 4:18AM ( pastinya tu waktu Korea kali yah?hehe..) Unnie update 2 fotonya and tiap kali GHS unnie atau mungkin artis&aktor2 yang laen update Cyworld mereka, para fans pasti pada seneng dong, secara kalo Cyworld tu udah di jamin asli punya mereka,hehe…

( unnie senyumannya mematikan *lebay*..ah…how pretty u are,hihi…)

Oya ini beberapa respon atau koment dari beberapa fans nya unnie tentang fotonya itu….

“Radiant smile~ ^^”
“Totally beautiful keke.”
“Stay healthy and happy always!”
“The strongest babyface!!!”
“The smiling face looks so beautiful.”

“Smile brightly always ^^”

source : cyworld

Translate and credit : gongjunim.wordpress.com


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3 comments on “Goo Hye Sun Update Cyworldnya Lagi

  1. you are very beautiful, smart, clever play music (piano) ..
    I really admire you – ^ ^
    and I hope you always be successful with what you would do,,,
    other than that I also hope you will soon be able to mate!

  2. i love u so much ,,, kereeennn

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